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It is our desire to see healthy growth and freedom for people to be who they are. We aim to provide a safe and positive environment for every person to deal honestly with their issues, to learn and grow, and to work through any struggles or questions they might have.

Functional Christianity is committed to providing a safe place where believers can find hope, encounter Christ as Life, and discover their true identity in Him. It is when we come to the end of ourselves that God can and will be able to do His deepest work

We look forward to walking along side you,

Gary Layne


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Functional Christianity is not equipped for emergency crisis care. Our counseling model is a discipleship process which benefits counselees over time. In situations involving suicidal counselees, where time is of the essence, we refer out for psychiatric and/or psychological care which may include inpatient treatment. Once stabilized, our desire it to assist hurting people on their journey to spiritual, mental, and emotional healing.


Functional Christianity is a ministry and is not underwritten by any church, denomination or organization. We have been providing counseling services to the greater Atlanta area for over 8 years and we have touched the lives of hundreds of individuals through individual and couples counseling. The journey to spiritual, emotional, mental and relational health is the best gift you can give yourself! An investment of your time and finances will reap an abundant return. Intensive sessions are 2.5 - 3 days and are fee based. In the event of financial difficulty, we may be able to adjust then fee slightly to accommodate your unique financial situation. If this applies to you, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Please note: Because we are a ministry and do not provide psychotherapy, we do not satisfy Medicaid requirements and we cannot bill insurance companies.


First you will talk to a counselor about the issue(s) for which you are seeking counsel, and discuss potential next steps. At this time, we will also determine whether you would be best served by seeing a medical or psychological professional. Prior to visiting our home, you will fill out some online forms, which take some time to complete your assessment profile. After you complete the online assessment we can talk about scheduling your desired time frame. We reserve the right to refer a client out or discontinue discipleship counseling at any time. There is a 25% deposit required to start the process.


Intensive discipleship counseling sessions may be overwhelming as they deal with so many unaddressed pain issues. You may stop anywhere in the 3 day process if it becomes too much. Continued session may be required for complete healing to occur.



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