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Wedding Questions

Answers to help you!

I hope these are most of them…

What do you charge?

I have two different fees. To meet with you and create then perform a ceremony is $350. If you want/need me to be at the rehearsal (I don’t usually go…) plan to add $250.

Will you travel to our wedding venue?

Yes! There will be an additional fee if the ceremony is outside the Metro Atlanta, GA area. Some families pay for travel, hotels, meals, etc so I don’t create an additional charges. If you need, I will pay my own expenses and you must reimburse me.

Can we meet you first?

Of Course! Once you fill out the date request form, I will send you an email with a link to a Zoom call. There we can chat before you decide.

How do we book you?

It’s easy! Just head over to the store on my site and purchase your desired “products”. I will help you through the entire process. Please remember,  you must purchase and pay (at least a deposit) before I can reserve a date for you.

Can you help us with vows?

Yes! As we meet, we will create some great vows together or you can write your own. Some couples have me read them, other read them to each other…

How long is a ceremony?

Depending on what is included, usually about 20 minutes. If there are special readings or music, it could add a few more minutes.

How do we get a marriage license?

If you are a Georgia resident, you can visit any county Probate Court. If you are flying into Georgia, plan to visit the Probate Court in the county of the wedding site. I help couples with this all the time!


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